U.S. Dominates Android Tablet Market, Amazon Leading the Pack

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Posted 5 years ago

It happened with smartphones and it may well be happening with tablets. Of course, I am talking about Android taking over majority market share from Apple. The sheer volume and price of Android smartphones on the market has made it an impossible task for Apple to stay ahead of its great rival in the global market, and the gap is now rapidly closing on the all-conquering iPad, with some predicting Android will overtake iOS in the tablet market as early as this year. According to new report from mobile app analytics service Localytics, the U.S. is leading the way in the trend of Android tablets, with Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices proving the single biggest contributor in the charge against Apple.

The Localytics research shows that 59% of all Android tablet usage comes from the United States, with the Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD making up over half of the total amount – a 33% share of the market.

Localytics’ numbers are based on the usage of apps with the company’s analysis and marketing data installed on them, which they claim gives the “insight into over 500 million unique devices,” and shows that 89% of all Amazon Kindle Fire devices “live in America, with most of the rest in Great Britain.” This statistic shouldn’t come as any surprise given that the U.S. was Amazon’s first market for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD and remains the company’s biggest focus. Beyond the U.S. and the UK, though, Localytics’ Daniel Ruby writes, “no other country has even one percent of worldwide Kindle Fires.”

Amazon’s lack of worldwide distribution (the Kindle Fire tablets were only introduced to other markets at the end of 2012) has put them a significant distance behind competitors on the global stage. TechCrunch reports that it is the Samsung Galaxy tablet range at the head of the market with 76%, followed by Google’s Nexus 7 with 15%, and then Amazon devices with 7%. However, in the U.S. both the Galaxy and Nexus devices trail way behind the Kindle Fire with only 9% and 8% of the market respectively. In fact, Amazon’s biggest rival in the biggest tablet user base in the world is the Barnes & Noble Nook, although, with only a 10% share it is far from a serious threat to Amazon’s dominance.

You can see more of the Localytics research when it goes live tomorrow.

– Anthony Carter

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