Uber Managers In France Thrown In Jail

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Posted 2 years ago


Uber Looks To Acquire Nokia’s Digital Mapping Service HereTwo managers for the on-demand car service Uber Technologies Inc. have been arrested and are currently in jail in Paris, France.

Law enforcement officials carried out the arrest for “illicit activity” days after a strike by French taxi drivers became violent, resulting in cars being overturned and railways being blocked.

Courtney Love even got caught up in it.

The uproar even cut off traffic to the nation’s airports.

Drivers were furious at the fact that Uber drivers didn’t have to pay a licensing fee to operate on the road as they are required to.

They are also incensed at Uber since they tend to undercut them with lower rates.

The interior minister put a ban on their budget car service UberPOP in response to the unrest, claiming it was illegal and directing police and prosecutors to make sure the ban was enforced.

Representatives for Uber say that they will stop all operations in France if they are ordered to by the courts.

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