Uber Throwing Tons Of Cash At China

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Posted 2 years ago


Uber Looks To Acquire Nokia’s Digital Mapping Service HereUber is aggressively trying to carve out a major part of China as part of its global empire with different methods that have warranted serious attention from observers.

The San Francisco-based on demand car service company is using its coffers of venture capital totaling nearly $6 billion to establish itself in the country through different means.

One of those methods is to pay drivers who sign up with them bonuses that are triple the fares.

This has gotten them a slew of drivers who moonlight, swelling their ranks in cities like Chengdu, which at last report saw 20,000 Uber drivers serving the city.

The company reportedly added 60,000 jobs in China last month.

Uber has seen their ridership grow as well, with many choosing the service as a nicer alternative to the state-run taxicabs in terms of style and comfort.

It’s another gain for the company, who despite their successes within China, still find themselves on unsure ground.

Government officials have raided their offices in Guangzhou and Chengdu over Uber’s legality in running a service that was similar to a competitor’s.

They are also dealing with the growing backlash from other drivers in the country in response to the amount of new drivers joining Uber.

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