UK’s Iron Maiden Uses Woody Allen Ploy To Win Over Pirates

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Posted 4 years ago


UK's Iron Maiden Uses Woody Allen Ploy To Win Over Pirates85% is showing up, or some such high percentage, is the maxim used by irrepressible star actor/comedian Woody Allen.

The incredibly talented and persevering Heavy Metal music titans hailing from the United Kingdom, Iron Maiden, have one heckuva show that they brought to their rabid fans for just nigh on 35 years, now. Years of great, well-earned success by a band who are well-loved throughout the whole planet and whose albums sell fiercely, still  fell victim to illegal downloading of their songs.


Yet where is the greatest concentration of pirates, Iron Maiden wanted to know? The band found out it was South America. And just like the Woody Allen saying goes, the band showed up. Instead of lining the pockets of lawyers, Iron Maiden netted $2.58 million by showing up and putting on a concert, a sell-out in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

That was a mere highlight in Iron Maiden’s extensive touring of the South American continent that they embarked on, with the gig just mentioned as a mere solitary highlight among many other great concert nights, inevitably gaining 5 million more fans as the rockin’ festivities wore on!

These now wide-eyed super ‘Maiden fans will be sure to adopt the phrase that bonds the good folks of Iron Maiden and crew with their fan base: “Up The Irons!.”

Rich Casale


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