Unconstitutional NSA Phone Data Spying Has Obama’s Own Experts Urging Change

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Posted 4 years ago


Unconstitutional NSA Phone Data Spying Has Obama's Own Experts Urging ChangeThanks to United States ex-President Bush, in the aftermath of the 9/11/(2001), funding for advanced surveillance was made possible for the NSA to go forward more implicitly.

Dropped on the desk of President Obama each morning is the NSA report. Cell phones and all manner of fiber optic pathways used in communications are monitored with zealous scrutiny.

There is over a decade of growing outcry from people who feel that accessing personal information of individuals freely, especially the collected logs of all American phone calls — dubbed as metadata, by the NSA needs to be curtailed in a way in which the general public aren’t made to feel like easy pickings.

This matter has come to a head.

Five people came forth on December 18th 2013 with 45 recommendations, of which President Obama was briefed on, and are representative legal eagles and surveillance experts of the US president’s own Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies.

The panel, yesterday, proposed changes in the manner in which the NSA may go about compiling American’s telephone data, and spying methodology used on foreign leaders in readiness of cyber-crooks operating outside United States territories.

The panel of experts presenting to President Obama have a plan:

• The aforementioned metadata should be retained by telecommunications companies or perhaps a private consortium

• The only way that this sensitive data can be mined is by a court order being issued if necessary

• When analysts want access to the data “for queries and data mining”, a court order would be needed each time

President Obama, known for his diplomatic aplomb has forthrightly rejected a move that would have made it possible for the United States Cyber Command and the NSA to each have its own leader. Two heads are better than one, goes the old saying, right? That is was the implied stratagem.

Under Section 215 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the pooling of information on United States’ citizens’ phone calls duration/destination/origin; “telephony metadata” was deemed unconstitutional by Judge Richard J. Leon in the nation’s Washington D.C. capitol. This ruling came down earlier this week.

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