Underwhelmed By FreedomPop Wonders: Galaxy S II, And $5 Plan

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Posted 4 years ago


Underwhelmed By FreedomPop Wonders: Galaxy S II, And $5 PlanUnderwhelmed is putting it putting it mildly, as to a reliance on FreedomPop, here’s the latest: The company called FreedomPop, upon opening for business in only October 2013, makes the claim of being the first free mobile service available anywhere in the world.

Now with a subscription service, that begins at just about $5 a month, the boast comes to “destroy the current industry pricing model” — so says FreedomPop. “No need for an annual contract when the total amount is under $100.

FreedomPop talks about “an industry that has for too long taken advantage of customers and widened the digital divide”.

From professional close experience I can say with confidence that not hearing the person on the phone across the room speaking on another FreedomPop phone has tainted matters and makes it impossible to listen to this company’s drivel about anything, now.

Citing a big number demand, a bring your own device plan, along with smartphones models — with one being the Samsung Galaxy S II ($1169).

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about FreedomPoop.

Rich Casale


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