Upbeat Should Be Music To Your Ears

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Posted 4 years ago


Upbeat Should Be Music To Your EarsDriven by being sick and tired of hearing Billboard’s hits pushed on him, music lover Shaun Russell has founded Upbeat.

The web application, launched six weeks ago, works essentially like a Reddit for music.

The site is easily workable with your mobile devices. Upbeat’s team is busy preparing iOS and Android apps as their team moves forward.

The premise is simple: Pick the music genre you want to hone in on and then upvote the tunes you like and downvote what you don’t like. What is called a velocity indicator keeps track of all the top tunes based on the volume of votes and how quickly the votes come in.

All genres are allowed. What could be better than artists with great music, but not that well known, getting a chance to get to a top spot? With anyone able to submit a song via a SoundCloud URL (who Upbeat are presently partnered with) and the provision of adding a tag for the appropriate genre “It (Upbeat) gives you a real-time look into what’s popular at any given moment” – Shaun Russell. Users can submit established act’s songs, if they want, also.

Upbeat music lovers can go via direct link to Amazon to purchase the songs they hear on the website that they like enough to buy.

Upbeat does not accept record label’s money to promote their roster’s music.

Upbeat gets my vote!

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