Updated Fitbit App Turns Your iPhone 5S into a Fitness Tracker

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Posted 4 years ago


Updated Fitbit App Turns Your iPhone 5S into a Fitness TrackerLooking for a new fitness app to help you get fit in the New Year? Fitbit could be it. Better known for its range of wearable health-and-fitness tracking devices, Fitbit has just updated its iPhone app to tap into the iPhone 5S’s M7 motion co-processor, giving users access to fitness tracking features without the need for a wristband.

Called “MobileTrack”, the feature doesn’t provide access to every tool within the Fitbit app, but does offer the basic essentials: steps, miles, and calories burned.

“With MobileTrack, iPhone 5S users can now experience the power and accuracy of Fitbit right on your smartphone,” said the San Francisco startup’s App Store description.

The M7 processor is currently exclusive to the iPhone 5S and is designed to measure motion data and save battery life, and make accelerometer-using fitness apps more economical. The move by Fitbit to tap into the technology follows a similar update introduced in November by rival Nike in its Nike+ Move app.

While it can never be as comprehensive as a wearable Fitbit device (simply because your phone is not always attached to you), MobileTrack is a great advancement on fitness apps and an excellent alternative to the $100 hardware.

MobileTrack aside, Fitbit version 2.1 brings a number of other features, including:

  • Redesigned Silent Alarms settings. Set, switch, edit, and remove alarms faster than ever.
  • Set your own custom water goal.
  • Redesigned profile editor.
  • Redesigned tracker settings.
  • Redesigned sign-up and sign-in.
  • Tap on people in Friend Finder to see their profile.
  • Swipe on friends on your leaderboard to Cheer, Taunt, or Message.
  • Tap on tabs to auto-scroll to the top.

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone 5S, the updated Fitbit app is ready and waiting in the App Store.

– Anthony Carter


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