Updated Mailbox Expands Beyond Gmail

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Posted 4 years ago


Updated Mailbox Expands Beyond GmailMailbox, the Dropbox-owned alternative to the standard iOS Mail App, has just received an update that expands the service beyond Gmail.

Since launch, Mailbox has only ever handled the Google Mail service, though it has always promised users that support for additional clients will be added over time. That time is now.

Mailbox is much loved by iOS users for its innovative features and simple interface that make it easy to get to “inbox zero,” with swipe-based gesturing used to manage emails and ensure that your inbox is always kept tidy. From today, everything great about the app can be used across Yahoo, iCloud, mac.com and me.com.

“Today we’re thrilled to announce we’ve added Mailbox support for Yahoo, iCloud, me.com, and mac.com email accounts,” the developers said in a blog post.

“This is a big step for us — we get more requests for Yahoo and iCloud support than for any other feature.”

The latest update is the biggest since launch and goes some way to justifying the hype that surrounded Mailbox when it launched back in February and Dropbox’s promise to improve the service rather shut it down. While the design and usability of the app has never been in question, until now, Mailbox could only ever be seen as a better version of Gmail, which has itself improved dramatically in recent months.

As well as support for the additional email clients, version 1.7 of Mailbox introduces background syncing, which will help eliminate the need for downloading all mail at once. The update also provides options to disable the “help me to zero” banner and swipe to open drawer, as well as obligatory bug fixes and UX improvements.

Mailbox v1.7 is available now as a free download from the App Store.

– Anthony Carter


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