US Import Ban Involving Samsung Phones And Tablets

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Posted 4 years ago

US Import Ban Involving Samsung Phones And TabletsA patent row with Apple, who in early August won a case at the US International Trade Commision (ITC),  has meant that some older Samsung gadgets look set to be banned in the United States. A rejected appeal in the case has meant that the ban will come into force.

Detecting fingers on a touchscreen and the workings of the audio jack on tablets and smartphones have been covered in the case. August, 2013, saw Samsung cleared of violating four different patented technologies.

Though details are still not clear on what products exactly will be banned from sale, it is notable that President Barack Obama during August issued the first professional veto for 26 years on an ITC matter when he decided to stop the ban on older iPhones and iPads.

Rich Casale


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