US Market Holds Firm As PC Sales Drop Worldwide

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Posted 4 years ago

US Market Holds Firm As PC Sales Drop WorldwideFor worldwide PC shipments, in the last six quarters, there has been an 8.6 percent drop as consumers are rushing forward in this mobile age, to tablets. During this time of year that sees students back in school for new semesters, it is significant to note.

Even as Google’s mobile OS and a wide assortment of  low-priced Android tablets have been luring first-time buyers in new global marketplaces, there is still a lot going for PCs.

Especially in the United States.

United States PC market facts – PC shipments in the U.S. market:  (A.  16.1 million units were shifted during the third quarter   (B. A year over year 3.5 percent increase (C. The market seems to have passed its worst declining stage, which had begun back in 2010  (D. PC shipments will not see a dramatic decline, at all foresaw for up till 2016.

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