“USB Killer” Flash Drive Can Destroy Laptops

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Posted 2 years ago


"USB Killer" Flash Drive Can Destroy LaptopsThe “USB Killer” is a flash drive that is designed to destroy laptops.

The device was described in detail on a Russian blogging site in February.

As reported here, the “drive uses an inverting DC-to-DC converter to draw power from the computer’s USB port in order to charge a capacitor bank to -110 Volts (negative voltage). The power is then sent back into the USB interface via a transistor and the process is repeated in a loop.”

Hacking site Hackaday reports that “The combination of high voltage and high current is enough to defeat the small TVS diodes on the bus lines and successfully fry some sensitive components—and often the CPU…USB is typically integrated with the CPU in most modern laptops, which makes this attack very effective.”


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