Using Paid Search to Get More Business

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Posted 4 years ago

Using Paid Search to Get More BusinessPaid search has emerged as an interesting marketing avenue. This marketing strategy has developed as a really effective tool for not only large corporations but for small businesses as well. The best part is that with Paid Search, people can set a particular budget limit for their marketing campaign. This way, paid search marketing can fit all budgets.

In fact, paid search marketing is a good option to boost traffic to your website. In this article, we will discuss whether paid search leads to more business, and how to get started.


Reasons to use Paid Search marketing


Online exposure to a business has become more common, where almost every consumer is relying on the internet to get information before buying anything. In such a situation, poor or no exposure can harm a business very badly. Despite the fact whether you have amazing products to offer, if you are not active online, you might have to struggle to get them off your shelf. Paid search marketing provides the perfect way to ensure that your business is getting the right exposure to ensure its success.


How paid search marketing can drive traffic to a website

HRThe basic model based on which a paid search works is as below:


  • Those desiring to advertise in paid search select what they want to get featured in their ads.
  • Customers perform search and find ads posted by advertisers. Whichever ad they like, they click on it.
  • Advertisers gets charged for every click that customers make to reach their website.
  • Advertiser’s ads remain online until their budget is depleted. Depending on their return, advertisers can decide to stop the ad or to increase their budget on the ad to allow more clicks.

How to get started with the paid search engines



  • You should remember that paid search ads are also based on keywords. So, it’s important to use keywords that can trigger your paid search ads.
  • The second thing to know is competition. By competition, we mean that you should know your industry as well as the market you are targeting.
  • In case you write your own ad, you must keep in mind all things can attract your prospective clients so that they will want to visit your site.
  • The landing page you want your clients to reach should be the page specifically created for the product, rather than the home page of your website. So include that URL in your ad.


Some of the popular paid search programs include Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing and so on. Let us see in brief how they work.


Google Adwords


Google Adwords is the most popular form of paid search advertising. By using Adwords, you can easily advertise on Google and get your ad featured in front of a large amount of potential customers. Adwords offers the PPC (pay-per-click) form of advertising. In this model, advertisers can bid on particular keywords, which they want to activate for their sponsored ads. These ads will appear in the results page of Google’s search engine.

Depending on the Bid and Quality Score, Google decides which ads to feature and in what position. However, there are different factors that determine the Quality Score, but the primary one is “Relevance.” And the higher the Quality Score, the better the Adwords ad positions that advertisers receive.


Yahoo! & Bing


Like Adwords, Yahoo! is another paid search that most advertisers seek to use after Google. Yahoo! being cost effective is quite popular as well.

Bing is another such paid search engine that people use readily these days. Earlier known as MNS Search, which dates back to 1999, Bing is a product of Microsoft and has many genuine users.

When advertising with Bing through paid search ads, you can expect your ads to appear on Bing search and on their partner sites as well.

As per an alliance created by Yahoo! and Bing in 2010, the two search engines sell advertising together. This means that all ads taken from Bing will appear in Yahoo! and similarly, Yahoo! ads will appear in Bing. That means consumers get huge return in terms of advertising by using Bing and Yahoo! paid search engines.


More about how Yahoo! and Bing search works:


  • You can either import your PPC campaign to Bing ads by means of tools created for the purpose. Or you can also create a new campaign on Bing/Yahoo.
  • Your ad will appear on the Yahoo! and Bing network.
  • With the available resources in these paid search engines, you can help improve the ad performance and you can also work on reducing the time spent on marketing campaigns on paid search engines.

Overall, Paid Search is the perfect way to advertise your product and boost your business.

– Ady Sachdeva


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