Verizon Experiences 8-Hour Email Outage

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Posted 2 years ago


verizon-transVerizon customers woke up to some irritating news this morning upon trying to access their email.

“Trying” being the operative word.


Because from approximately 2 A.M. EST until 10 A.M. EST this Thursday, their email service was not working at all.

To make matters more frustrating, customer complaints directed towards Verizon and Verizon Support’s Twitter handles fell on seemingly deaf ears as neither account acknowledged that there was any issue on the platform.

But Verizon Support apparently engaged some irate customers to ascertain what problems they were having.

In an email, spokesperson John Bonomo stated: “We are investigating the cause. The issue prevented customers (not all) from being able to use the POP3 email service, but it did not impact customers’ ability to use Webmail or login to the Verizon portals.”

This mishap comes in the wake of news that Verizon is set to acquire AOL for $4.4 billion in a move they hope will further develop their digital offerings.

But judging from the comments the company received through social media, this situation may have soured some of their customers to such news.

Christopher A. Smith


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