Verizon Ready For Tablet Launch?

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Posted 4 years ago


Verizon Ready For Tablet Launch?A Twitter source found that Verizon may be about to launch a tablet that features a big bezel and a 7-inch screen. Twitter’s EVLeaks has been found to be reliable when it comes to leaking accurate images and thusly published Wednesday’s photo of what is known as an Ellipsis 7, which runs Android, as the upcoming tablet Verizon will put out.

A release date, nor anything else concerning features about the Ellipsis 7 is known.

Tablets are sold from other companies by Verizon and concerns now are that it could fire fierce competition if Verizon chances releasing its own.

Updates on this story should be forthcoming soon as CNET has contacted Verizon for comment.

Rich Casale


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