Veteran Of Foreign Wars Website Hack Raises Suspicion

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Posted 3 years ago


Veteran Of Foreign Wars Website Hack Raises SuspicionThe Veteran of Foreign Wars website suffered a cyber hack attack.

The attack, which tweaks itself to be more cunning and probing each time, is emanating from China apparently, and can successfully steal files in a way that the user is unaware. This method is known as a drive-by-download. The attack persisted for three days. So, it can return.

There is likely  no coincidence in the timing as  it is President’s Day which is a national holiday on Monday in the United States and it has been posited that the cyber hit surely takes direct aim at military members. The grand spying thesis put forth by the security company FireEye took a bird’s eye look at this needing-to-be-solved security issue over at the veteran’s website.

Rich Casale


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