Viber Puts Brakes on BlackBerry 10 App

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Posted 4 years ago


Viber Puts Brakes on BlackBerry 10 AppIt sucks to be a BlackBerry 10 user right now. Having been unveiled with wide-eyed enthusiasm back in January, BlackBerry 10 has never really left the starting blocks, and what seemed like a possible corner-turning venture is quickly turning into another disappointment for the struggling Canadian company.

The BB 10 operating system is a considerable way behind iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone in the apps department and things have not improved any today, as cross-platform instant messaging service Viber has announced that it does not have plans to release an app for the OS.

BlackBerry news site BerryReview asked Viber about their plans are received a statement saying simply:

“…at this point, we unfortunately do not intend to release a version of Viber for BB10. If anything changes, we will keep you posted.”

This news will come as a blow to BB 10 users, as Viber’s CEO Talmon Marco said in an interview with TruTower back in June that his company would be releasing an app alongside the BB 10.2 update, saying that the two would be released “hand-in-hand”.

Though the 10.2 update is yet to have been released by Blackberry on existing BB 10 devices (the new Z30 is being shipped with the firmware), the U-turn is most likely due to the continued decline of BlackBerry and is probably a sign of things to come as leading developers shun the platform in favor of the market’s big players.

One suggestion on how things could be turned around is from BerryReview, whose suggestion is to make all Android apps installable over the air – this would certainly improve the appeal of the BB OS. However, as is noted by the site, BlackBerry is refusing to go down this route.

The whole situation is a sorry state of affairs, and one that does not look likely to improve any time soon.

– Anthony Carter


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