Vine Arrives on Kindle Fire Tablets

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Posted 4 years ago

Vine Arrives on Kindle Fire TabletsFollowing steady growth on iOS and a successful release on Android, Twitter has release Vine on another new platform: Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Vine, the app that lets users create, upload, and share 6-second bite-sized videos, has previously only been available for smartphones, and the Kindle release is the first time Twitter has developed the app specifically for tablet use.

Amazon’s tablets are based on the Android operating system, so making the app should not have proven too difficult; however, it’s release on this slate in particular is somewhat surprising given the fact that only the HD models have a front-facing camera (which is hardly brilliant in terms of quality), and no version of the Fire features a rear-facing camera.

The timing and the platform of the release, does seem to coincide with Facebook’s recently unveiled Instagram video-recording capabilities. Since the 15-second video recording feature went live, Vine’s usage has taken a hit and dropped off by as much as 40 percent, according to Marketing Land. Of course, this could well be a temporary dip as people checkout what Instagram has to offer, but Vine cannot rest on its laurels, hence the Kindle release as a way to keep up growth.

What is also surprising about Twitter’s decision to release Vine on Kindle Fire, is that it comes before an app for Windows Phone and Blackberry. Okay, so both operating systems are well behind iOS and Android, but Windows Phone devices (particularly Nokia’s Lumia range) and BlackBerry’s new Z10 smartphone are far better suited to Vine than the Kindle Fire’s. That being said, if Vine is under serious threat from Instagram, it may not be too long before an app is released on both mobile platforms.

Vine for Kindle Fire is available to download free from the Amazon App Store.

– Anthony Carter

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