Vine for iOS Gets Updated with New Features

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Posted 4 years ago

Vine for iOS Gets Updated with New FeaturesWith the launch of video for Instagram last month, Vine’s usage has seen a drop. Whether this is a temporary dip or not remains to be seen, but it certainly kicked Twitter into action and, as we covered last week, Vine for Kindle Fire was launched. Today, the bite-sized video service has made another move by updating its iOS app.

Looking to keep hold of, and build upon, its 13 million strong registered users, Vine has introduced several handy features that are certain to appeal to fans.

Arguably the biggest of these features is “revine,” which lets you, well, revine your favorite videos. It is exactly the same as Twitter’s Retweet option and lets you share videos that you like from your home feed or on the Explore page for friends to see.

Speaking of the Explore page, that has been updated too, with the introduction of 15 new channels including Music, Comedy, Arts and Experimental and Nature. Each new channel has its own funky theme and Popular Feed section, making it easier to find the 6-second clips you like and watch, and share them with followers. In addition to Explore, a new “On the rise” section can help you discover Vine’s up-and-coming users and viral trends.

There is also plenty to enjoy on the camera front, with new things to like such as focus, a grid, and a clever “ghost” button, which lets you view a transparent overlay of your previous shot.

More important than the shiny new additions to the line-up, though, are the rollout of improved privacy controls. This is something that Instagram already offers and, now that the Facebook-owned app has video capabilities, Vine has been pretty much forced to offer something similar. Posts can now be protected, making them viewable only to approved people. Videos shared on Twitter and Facebook, however, can be viewed by anyone clicking the link.

Vine for iOS (version 1.3) is available to download now from iTunes:

– Anthony Carter

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