Violence Erupts As Paris Taxi Strikers Target Private Car Services

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Posted 4 years ago


Violence Erupts As Paris Taxi Strikers Target Private Car ServicesThere is a neck-and-neck competition that has striking Paris cab drivers going wild on Uber cars, as well as other privately-owned companies.

Uber passenger Kat Borlongan described the vandalism with the blame being layed at the feet of the irate, striking taxi drivers: “Smashed windows, tires, vandalized vehicle, and bleeding hands”, her twitter feed urgent and depicting graphically the out-of-control conditions that exist.

Borlongan’s words then went on to speak of the heroism displayed by the man at the wheel for Uber, as she endured her trip from Charles de Gaulle Airport: “Attackers tried to get in the car, but our brave Uber driver maneuvered us to safety, changed the tire on the freeway, and got us home.”

Ways of dealing with the unavoidable competition between competitive taxi and private car/Uber companies and the demand for better overall planning are at the heart of curbing the strike’s fiery incidences, with a professional treaty needed to be drawn up quickly.

Some amenable conditions have already been implemented.

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