Virginia Gives Approval For Self-Driving Vehicle Testing

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Posted 2 years ago


Can Google Revive The Auto Industry In Detroit?If you happen to be in Virginia, don’t be too startled if you see a car on the road without a driver actively behind the wheel.

That’s because the state has given the okay for self-driving vehicles to take to the roads for testing.

There will be approximately 70 miles of highway allocated for this purpose within Northern Virginia, and they will be dubbed the Virginia Automated Corridors.

The testing will be observed by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

The cars won’t be totally devoid of human presence – someone is required to be in the driver’s seat for safety reasons.

To that end, self-driving cars will need to gain approval before taking to these designated highways and they will do so under the watch of the institute in an area called “Smart Road in Montgomery County and the Virginia International Raceway in Halifax County.”

Virginia joins a tiny coterie of states which include Florida and California that allow this to take place.

The testing is seen as a conduit for autonomous cars made by Google and other companies to gain access to the roads and convince the public of their importance.

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