VSCO Cam Gets Long Awaited Android Release

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Posted 4 years ago


VSCO Cam Gets Long Awaited Android ReleaseVSCO Cam, one of most popular photo apps on iOS, has finally landed in the Google Play Store.

Having been released on the Apple platform back in June, VSCO Cam became an instant success, racking up over a million downloads within a week and tightening developer’s Visual Supply Co (VSCO) grip on the photography app market. An Android release had been planned for some time, but it has taken months of private beta testing for VSCO Cam to see the bright lights of the Play Store.

The app is rather unique in that it is loved by professionals and amateur photographers alike, offering a stunning array of filters and editing features that transform regular smartphone snaps into DSLR-like images.

The vast range of editing tools is what VSCO Cam is best known for on iOS and the developers promise that Android users will be able to enjoy the same level of experience. Speaking to The Verge, VSCO co-founder said: “The number one goal was to build [for Android] with the same level of excellence in the editing capabilities.”

Editing tools and “presets” (filters) offered are virtually identical to the iOS version; however, some features may not be available depending on the type of device you are using. The Verge notes that, as the majority of Android smartphones do not support spot metering, the developers were required to disable the two-finger split focus and metering tool. This absence, though, does not take anything away from the brilliance of this app, and everything from the interface to the taking of pictures oozes class.

Once photos have been snapped, VSCO Cam lets you share them instantly across connected social media services such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

For the editing features alone, VSCO Cam is one app you must have. Download it now for free from the Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter


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