VTech Smartwatch and Trix (Cereal), Are For Kids!

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Posted 3 years ago


VTech Smartwatch and Trix (Cereal), Are For Kids!The cute bunny rabbit on the Trix cereal commercial has always said, “Trix is for kids and sometimes tricky rabbits!” Now, “smartwatches” are for kids, too!

Enter the VTech KidiZoom smartwatch, in what is being posited by the company as a world first. The tech toy company VTech introduced the smartwatch at the 2014 International Toy Fair. The one catch? It is not compatible with the Internet. That is where the tricky rabbit part comes in as VTech has made it a bit unpalatable with this non-feature.

The watch will have to pacify a child by being able, with its 1.4 -inch touchscreen, to make videos, play games and  take photographs.

And display the correct time.

– Rich Casale


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