Want HBO Without A Cable Subscription? Comcast Offers It

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Posted 4 years ago


Want HBO Without A Cable Subscription? Comcast Offers ItIf you can’t foot the cable bill, or don’t have much use for it, outside of True Blood or Game of Thrones which are both on HBO, Comcast has a deal for you. But, chances are, you’ll probably want a little bit more.

Thursday, Comcast started making the offer to viewers for a plan that is called “Internet Plus”. “Internet Plus” is a bundle that generally gives people 20/25 Mbps and the ability to see HBO. The HBO shows can go straight to the TV. There is no cable subscription required at all.

Want HBO Without A Cable Subscription? Comcast Offers ItIt may not be available everywhere, as it does depend on your location, but customers in the right areas are looking at about $39.99 a month. This idea is to reign in new customers, so after the initial year the price can be expected to shoot upwards to $65.95, with the price pending based on where you are located.

You won’t have access to DVR service, though.

The package comes equipped with XFINITY Streampix and the usual Limited Basic TV channels, also. Customers who have chosen this Comcast bundle have the option of adding on premium channels, which many may want despite the additional cost. HBO Go is a service included as well, and with it HBO shows are viewable on Xbox 360s, Roku players, iPhones, etc.

Examine your options — this HBO offer from Comcast may be for you.

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