Wei-FengWei Feng
Software Manager and Senior Applications Developer

Wei Feng is one of MateMedia’s key team members working as a Software Manager and Senior Applications Developer. He adds a unique level of experience and creativity to the company along with a very impressive skill set we are very fortunate to have access to.

Wei is a graduate of China’s ChongQing University, a key national University in that country with six different schools specializing in science, engineering, law, medicine, and liberal arts. It is one of a handful of schools the Chinese government has targeted as part of a program to achieve international excellence in education.

In terms of overall web development Wei’s skills include HTML, HTML 5, PHP, and JavaScript (+ jQuery). These are skills any competent web developer in the 21st century absolutely has to possess. But his knowledge and skills go far beyond just building websites.

Wei is also highly skilled in database management, MySQL, ASP, ASP.net, SSI, C, VC++, Delphi, and iOS native application development. Add to that his abilities with WordPress theme and plugin development and you have a well-rounded senior developer who brings a lot to the table.