WhatsApp And AT&T Rate Poorly In Privacy Ranking

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Posted 2 years ago


2000px-Simple_Monitor_Icon.svgWhatsApp and AT&T have some egg on their face after a recent report concerning privacy rankings.

The rankings report was compiled and issued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and its designed to convey which tech companies are good at keeping consumer data and information private and which aren’t. I

n a climate where more and more Americans are distrustful of their data being collected, a report like this can be illuminating.

The listings are based on the criteria that ranges from who opposed backdoors to who closely follows industry practices.

Based on that criteria, the unfortunate bottom-dwellers on the list were the text-messaging service WhatsApp and telecommunications giant AT&T with one star apiece.

Their standings are striking, WhatsApp’s in particular given that its parent company has a four star rating.

That parent company? Facebook.

One has to wonder how both companies feel about such a rating and how it’s viewed by their customers.

Christopher A. Smith


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