WhatsApp’s Bests Facebook On Mobile Usage

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Posted 4 years ago



 WhatsApp's Bests Facebook On Mobile UsageAs US television morning talk show host, Bill Cunningham might say: (Facebook?) – “Let’s put the cheese on the cracker”. WhatsApp’s application statistics are resplendent with 25 billion messages sent/received a day, and an April 2013 statement by its CEO Jan Koum that they have more users than Twitter. In that light, it may not be hard to fathom just why Facebook Inc., via an On Device Research study, are being defeated in the popularity stakes — which can be very telling on what happens in capital stakes — are being beaten by WhatsApp.

4,000 smartphones users in five strategic places around the world, in the study, show a usage per week ratio of 44%(percent):35%(percent) — WhatsApp versus Facebook.

With only 50 employees, WhatsApp have made the most of its $8 million in venture supply money, thus nevertheless now receiving the grand gesture of $1 billion from Google.

Rich Casale


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