When It Comes To Social Media, CEO’s Prefer Twitter Over Facebook

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Posted 2 years ago


Now You Can Embed Twitter Videos On Your WebsiteIn the battle of which of the social media networks that the heads of companies prefer to share information and other opinions on, it looks like Twitter has the edge over Facebook.

At least that’s the word thanks to a recent in-depth study of CEO’s social media presence as done by a PR firm.

The study examined those CEO’s from the 2014 listing of companies contained with the Fortune 500 Global Rankings.

The findings showed that 10 percent of the CEO’s listed used Twitter, reflecting a 2 percent jump from 2012. As a contrast, there were no publically listed Facebook profile pages for any of the CEO’s. This is a sharp drop from 2012, where it was reported that 10 percent were using the platform. (On a side note, LinkedIn proved to be most popular in the study, with 22 percent of CEO’s avidly using the business networking site.)

So, what can be made of this sudden shift towards Twitter?

The PR firm that did the study, Weber-Shandwick, feels it could be a bit of a fluke. The report did note that there was only 28 percent of CEO’s on the list who they were able to find who were engaged in social media.

While it speaks to their decided choices in terms of platforms, the study didn’t go quite in-depth as to the frequency of usage and if they’re even the ones who are posting at all.

Christopher A. Smith


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