White House Eyes Sanctions After Second Computer Breach

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Posted 2 years ago


White House Chimes In On Turkey's Blocking Of TwitterAdding to the chaotic aftermath of the discovery of government personnel systems being hacked, the White House admitted that there was another computer breach.

The second computer breach involved the information of relatives of federal employees and their friends and associates.

Other affected parties included defense contractors and other agencies.

President Obama is currently weighing whether to enact stern financial sanctions against the hackers.

This is a new policy that came about thanks to an executive order signed in April that would authorize the Treasury Department to issue and enforce these sanctions against groups and individuals involved in damaging cyberattacks and those who stood to gain from them.

The order came about after a cyberattack against Sony Pictures leaked numerous files and sensitive information, and was declared to be the work of North Korea.

If the United States went down this path with China, who they highly suspect of being behind the attacks based on their investigations thus far, it would be a very significant move given China’s steadfast denial and the uneasy tone surrounding relations between the two countries.

The government is now in the process of installing tighter cybersecurity measures and further encryption on all of their servers.

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