White House Says Encryption Is Fine For Federal Websites – But Not For The Rest Of Us

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Posted 2 years ago


White House Chimes In On Turkey's Blocking Of TwitterAs the debate rages on about encryption and the necessity for its usage on federal websites, it’s become apparent that the White House’s stance puts it in opposition to the stance of law enforcement agencies.

In a statement last week, Tony Scott, chief information officer for the government announced that they will now require every federal website to ensure Internet service with a secure connection by the end of next year.

Scott went on to say in the memo that the recommendation would “position the federal government as a leader in Internet security.”

But law enforcement agencies are vehemently opposed to more encryption being put in place, preferring that there be “backdoors” available and in the words of FBI assistant director of counter-terrorism Michael Steinbach, that tech firms should “prevent encryption above all else.”

The rift has made tech companies a bit concerned, even with Steinbach going on record stating that he’s not for “backdoors” being that these methods can be used by savvy hackers.

The companies have even made their opposition to the law enforcement agencies’ stance in a stern letter to the White House recently, making this one conversation to keep an eye on for security’s sake.

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