Why You Must Mobilize Your Website Now

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Posted 4 years ago

Why You Must Mobilize Your Website NowThe mobile landscape is the great new frontier for your business.

And it’s time to mobilize your website right now.

The numbers are looming large, as over 65 million people search online every day using their mobile phones.

And there is a staggering amount of information available about the global mobile revolution. And since information moves almost instantly today, you’d be wise to take advantage of this mobile revolution, as you will positively and absolutely attract more customers by going mobile today.

And now, to be brutally honest, no one wants to waste precious minutes by arriving at your non-mobilized website. Surely not your eager, prospective customers.

You really need to present a mobile friendly website.

I will now describe those frustrating, precious moments that you are unaware of, during which business is lost as your non-mobilized website is arrived at.

(2 minutes and counting down):

The scrambling begins as the prospective customer tries to center in on something on your website that looks like a starting point.

(1 1/2 minutes and counting down):

They are trying to pinch out the screen to find a link on your website. With great difficulty.

(1 minute and counting down):

They move left and right; trying to swipe up and then down, just to get the info that they want. They’re finding this a major struggle at this point.

(30 seconds to zero):

All is lost as the thought has given birth to action, as they come to the conclusion:

“It’s so much easier, maybe, if I just give up and tap on to another site”

That’s your competition we’re talking about.

(0 seconds):

You lose, as your prospect has found a conveniently usable mobile friendly website to do business with.

That was not good.

With the ease of navigating a mobilized website, contact and location details about your business are easily visible on the very first page they see, as soon as they arrive.

The two step leap of the mobile revolution: Just like our automobiles, our smartphones show us how to mobilize ourselves.

Besides the ability to take it virtually everywhere, smartphones are actually more capable than desktop computers, equipped with GPS, cameras and more.

Mobile marketing is not the future, it is here right now, making it crucial to employ a mobile friendly website today – your business depends on it!

Here are a few great reasons why you should mobilize your website today:

Smartphone users that check out TV, print or online ads: 71% do a mobile search for more information.

Smartphone users looking for local information: 91%

Smartphone users using their smartphones to assist with shopping: 79%.

59% of smartphone users looking up a local business on their smartphone visited the business; 61% called.

The smartphone is the primary internet access device for close to 50% of 12-17 year olds. (This is but one revealing fact in the demographics of  burgeoning e-commerce, that is often overlooked).

How to mobilize your current website?

Your definitive answer is Mobibud.

Maximize your business right now: Mobilize your existing website and make it easy for customers to find you on the go.

See a free preview of your mobilized website at mobibud.com today.

– Rich Casale


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