Why you need a strong social media presence, and how to build it

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Posted 4 years ago

Why you need a strong social media presence, and how to build itWith growing competition in the market, the need to have a presence felt in each and every aspect of human association has become important for industry. Social media has become one such aspect which can help businesses gain customers and interact with existing customers.

Today, people from almost every age group are using social media as a platform to engage with each other. As such, companies are using this platform to target a specific audience, and reach people who could become prospective customers once familiar with the product, or service.

Also, it’s easier to manage a social media presence than putting advertisements in various newspapers and TV channels. Through incentives and defined social media strategy, it can be very easy for businesses to attract customers and gain their loyalty. A testimonial by a fan on Facebook may encourage others to visit your website, or visit your business.

There are hundreds of reasons to have a social media presence, such as giving direct access to fans and customers to your product or service, advertising your product or service, also accessibility to social media is easy and free. Social media has become the new search engine for many people around the world. As they spend more and more time interacting with each other over the net, they also get more time to see, review and discuss your business with other users. Along with Google and Bing, the prospective customers are also using social media channels to learn about products and services.

But the question remains, what can be done to utilize social media for your benefit in a way which can generate revenue for you. By starting a social media campaign, you may attract the attention of customers, but gaining their loyalty is more important.

The first step is to connect with people. You must connect not only with your target audience but also with other people as well. People in general can refer you to customers who may be searching for you online. This can be done by engaging and interacting with many people via social media sites. You’ll have to make connections with social media users. Make it a point to interact with audiences through open-ended questions which can trigger a conversation.

Also, online content that you create should be of high quality and valuable. It’s important that when you devote your energy online, you create consumable content that’s interesting, engaging and interactive enough to hold the interest of customers. Again, there is no point wasting your energy in sites that are not popular enough. Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest networks, and you must put your energy into those two sites when networking. Almost all social media site users have an accounts on these two sites, and they spend a huge amount of time networking on these websites. Further, these two social media giants are already encouraging promotional pages for businesses.

The users of these two sites are used to seeing promotional pages and links guiding them to products and services. Put professional photographs of your products and services on these social media websites. Photos give customers a better insight about your products than status updates or links. If you want to gain the loyalty of your customers, you must attract them by handing out freebies. On social media sites, acknowledgement and attention can help you gain more than anything else. Once you involve fans in some sort of competition or content, you attract their attention and encourage them to talk about your products and services. This way, you can make your presence felt on social media sites. It’s important that you centralize your fan following and give visitors a proper address online to visit your business.

Finally, you must make it easier for your customers to interact over your blog, or website.

The key to a successful online venture is to establish a real presence. Keep interacting with existing customers and prospective customers and do not shy away from asking for reviews about your products and services. Inform them about your offers and incentives.

It’s important that social media is utilized diligently and consistently, as that is the place where prospective customers are found these days.

– Ady Sachdeva

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