Wi-Fi Friendly Underwater Internet To Become Better

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Posted 4 years ago


Wi-Fi Friendly Underwater Internet To Become BetterAs sensors and myriad other underwater electronics become more accessible to devices on land, like laptops and mobile phones, the underwater Internet will get better, so says Tommaso Melodia who is the director of the Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems Lab at the University of Buffalo in New York.

On the horizon, and without the need for specialized equipment or software, in a Wi-Fi underwater net there will likely be these abilities:

1. Monitoring of pollution levels   2. Reading of geological data better enabling the prediction of oncoming tsunamis  3. The created networks allowing for law enforcement devices to detect drug trafficking activities aboard submarines.

And just what will be the mechanics of it (as it is widely well-known through sonar technology, acoustic signals travel well under water)? “The Wi-Fi radio signal transmits to the buoy, which converts it into acoustic waves for the underwater sensors” – offers Hovannes Kulhandjian, graduate student working  with Tomasso Melodia

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