Wi-Fi Mobile Service For Free Through Scratch Wireless?

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Posted 4 years ago

Wi-Fi Mobile Service For Free Through Scratch Wireless?Does the world have its first free mobile service for voice, text and data? Yes. Apparently. A sleek 4.3-inch Android Motorola Photon Q, replete with dual cameras, 4G LTE  + $269 (that price is to pay for its slide-out keyboard) gets you on a Wi-Fi network for all the free messaging and calls, and surfing the web to your heart’s content you can muster. And it is all brought to you by Scratch Wireless.

The sloganeering used by Scratch has led to the invention of what they call “Wi-Fi First”. This motto aims to turn the mobile phone industry upside-down by being the first one on the block with Internet-based mobile servicing.

The ever-increasing reliance on devices to do texting and data has meant using fewer voice minutes and Scratch Wireless is hip to the tip about it, obviously.

Wi-Fi is now very widespread with hotspots all over the country; homes/office, subways, schools, restaurants, bars, and airplanes. If social networking and email can be free than why not mobile phone service?: Scratch CEO Alan Berrey  thinks big like this. The only downside is that it is an by-invitation only basis, for now, that the Scratchphones are going out on.

Rich Casale


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