Windows 10 Scheduled For July 29th Release

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Posted 2 years ago


Windows_10_Logo.svgMicrosoft’s newest version of its Windows operating software now has an official release date.

July 29th is the date set for the release of Windows 10, with PC’s and tablets carrying the OS going on sale.

A future date for the rollouts on other devices such as the Xbox One gaming consoles and smartphones has yet to be determined.

Windows 10 is viewed by many as a chance for Microsoft to get back into the swing of things after some customer unhappiness with Windows 8.

Some had even opted not to upgrade, which made the company reconfigure the new software to include features such as the new Edge web browser along with an application that can stream video game feeds from an Xbox to a PC or tablet.

They also restored certain favored features that were found in Windows 7. And as a plus, existing users of Windows could download and upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Microsoft even added the voice assistant Cortana which previously was restricted to phone users.

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