Windows 8.1 Is A Problem For Microsoft RT Device Owners

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Posted 4 years ago


Windows 8.1 Is A Problem For Microsoft RT Device Owners Today, if you may be going to, or have gone already to Microsoft’s website, you will see that they no longer have the Windows 8.1 update up there.

And for good reason.

It seems more than mere coincidence, bearing in mind that the Windows 8.1 update for Internet Explorer had a good amount of people chiming in to report that it does not work well with Outlook; nor does it work with some Google services. It appears that, as of October 17th of 2013, the reports started to come in. RT laptops and tablets froze up during the boot-up stage.

Now what is Windows RT, some total non-techheads may ask? Well, Windows RT refers to the version of Microsoft and their OS which has been constructed to work with portable and mobile gadgets that utilize Arm chips. There exists another version of Windows, though, that runs via machines and uses AMD/Intel processors.

Backing up to an earlier date: A temporary band-aid was posited one could say, by an obviously clever support forum user named Scott Williams, that through using his apparently self-made start-up drive and a USB stick,  he could possibly bring the zombified RT gadgets back from the dead.

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