Windows 8.1 Update Arrives

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Posted 4 years ago

Windows 8.1 Update ArrivesIt has been one year since Windows 8 came on the scene.  So now Windows 8.1 update is here, and it comes at crunch time for Microsoft, with PC sales in a tailspin and the company ready to get a new boss on board.

Windows and its tiled interface’ modus operandi has been, by using a tiled interface that can be swiped/tapped to bring up apps, to be the go-between for smartphones and tablets versus desktops and laptops. This tiled interface, however was in need of improvement concerning users’ execution of certain tasks.

At 07:00 New York time (12:00 BST) the update became available, being free of charge to those using Windows 8 currently. Yet for those upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, a charge will apply.

The, at times, cumbersome Windows tile interface can, with this update, be turned off and be switched to desktop mode. Keyboard shortcuts via Windows 8.1 is now a ‘go’. Tap the Windows start button one time and the tiles are brought up and give a long press and access system controls (as an another change wrought by the 8.1 update). Other changes include ‘gesture control’, where without touching the screen, certain applications can be paged through; variegated tile sizes; the ability to display web pages side by side; an improvement on the Microsoft Xbox game console links; improved multitasking; much more.

Rich Casale


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