Windows Phone YouTube App Reverts Back to Web Player

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Posted 4 years ago

Windows Phone YouTube App Reverts Back to Web PlayerGreat news! Microsoft has released an update for its YouTube app. Terrible news! The “update” is nothing more than a web player.

The saga between Google and Microsoft over YouTube has been ongoing for quite some time; with the former angry at pretty much everything the latter does regarding the video-sharing service. When YouTube originally appeared in the Windows Phone app store it was nothing more than a link to the mobile page and offered users the most basic of experiences. In an attempt to appease frustrations, Microsoft launched a new app back in May that was very much to the liking of everyone that used it, even going as far to allow video downloads. Not everyone was delighted by this fully featured release though – in-fact, it’s safe to say that Google were furious. So furious that they ordered Microsoft to pull the app, citing downloads, avoiding ads, and allowing video clips that are restricted on mobile, as the reasons for the request.

There was then another version of the app, which Google did not like for not complying with its requirement to build it using HTML5. This led to Microsoft accusing Google of not wanting Windows Phone to offer the same experience as Android or iOS.

Today, in yet another twist, the app is back with version 3.2; however, after having made progress with the previous offering, Microsoft has come full circle and returned to the bad old days of the browser-based offering. Redmond has clearly rubbed Google up the wrong way and now Windows Phone users are suffering the consequences. While there are third-party apps that offer a better YouTube experience than the web player does, nothing is quite the same as an official offering.

When (or if) this dispute will end is anyone’s guess; but until the two come to an agreement consumers will just have to suffer.

For anyone that’s interested, YouTube version 3.2 is available to download now from the Windows Phone store. Surely Google can’t be angry at this?

– Anthony Carter

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