Windows Phones Enter Phablet Era; Finally

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Posted 4 years ago

Windows Phones Enter Phablet Era; FinallyThe latest update, the third from Microsoft, released Monday, is bringing some notable incremental upgrades and changes to the Windows Phone 8. Highest on the list for them is support for larger screen sizes and higher-resolution displays. This signals that its partners are finally getting with what is known as the phablet business. A combo of phone and tablet in one, Phablets are oversize phones, popular in worldly places like Asia currently. Phablets have become a crucial element in many a handset manufacturer’s product lineup.

Samsung, though, is way ahead of Microsoft with the electronics company credited with creating the phablet market with its Galaxy Note franchise. And the critics are applauding as Samsung has already successfully engineered its third version of the Galaxy Note.

With LG’s Optimus G Pro, the big Galaxy Mega, and HTC about to throw their hat into the phablet march (with its own One Max – tomorrow!)  will  Windows phabulous  developments, though slow seeing that all their actions require the process of Microsoft approval, simply be coming a day late and a dollar short?

Rich Casale

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