XCOM Takes Mobile Gaming to a Whole New Price Bracket

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Posted 4 years ago

XCOM Takes Mobile Gaming to a Whole New Price BracketHow much is too much for an iOS game? $5? $10? What about $20? Because that is what 2K Games are asking users to part with if they want to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Launching today for iPad and iPhone, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game ported from PCs and consoles that involves players taking charge of a military organization who must defend Earth from alien bad guys. The turn-based strategy shooter was a game of the year contender last year, which gives it some weight; however, this type of release is nothing that has not already been explored by iOS developers and there is no shortage of cheaper alternatives out there.

2K Games asking for $20 – just $10 less than XCOM’s current price on consoles – has been met with some criticism by gaming fans, who have naturally taken to social media to vent their frustration, but there are some people that would prefer to pay extra for a game that avoids the irritating in-app purchase model used by other developers.

Expensive games have been tried before, and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series have proven a great success at $16 a download; however, games of $10 and over remain an exception to the rule and no game in Apple’s top 200 is priced over that amount.

If you are someone that likes freemium games, then it’s very unlikely that you will be willing to shell out the $20 dollars for this release. But, if high end gaming is your thing, and you don’t mind waiting a full day to download a 3.2 GB release, you probably won’t mind parting with a bit more than the norm to enjoy what is one of the most graphically stunning, in-depth, and enjoyable games to be released on iOS.

The strategy games market is a very crowded one on iOS and it is a bold move by 2K Games to charge such an amount for one game. Should the venture prove successful though, XCOM: Enemy Unknown could pave the way for a whole host of premium releases.

– Anthony Carter

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