Yahoo! Acquires Android Launcher App Aviate

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Posted 4 years ago


Yahoo! Acquires Android Launcher App AviateYahoo! has announced that it has acquired Aviate, the contextual Android home screen launcher. The news was announced by Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer at this year’s CES event in Las Vegas.

Aviate is hailed by many as the best Android launcher on the market, partly because of its contextual nature and partly due to its ability to provide users with the right apps at the right time. By tracking usage patterns, Aviate is able to learn what apps you require at certain moments of the day and place them on the home screen for your convenience. For example, Aviate may learn that you like to check the weather before your morning commute and so will place a weather app on the home screen. During the drive to work, Google Maps will be introduced, and so on. This high level of intuitiveness has resulted in the app being dubbed by users as the “Google Now of launchers.”

Acquiring Aviate is a great move by Yahoo! and is a clear indication of the company’s desire to strengthen its mobile presence in 2014. Marissa Meyer says that the technology will be used as a central part of Yahoo!’s Android plans and will allow the Sunnyvale-based firm to deliver more personalized content.

“At Yahoo!, we want to make everyone’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining through beautiful, personalized, and innovative products,” said Adam Cahan, SVP Mobile and Emerging Products, in a statement.

“Aviate fits perfectly with our team and vision. We are excited to welcome Mark, Paul, Will and the team to Yahoo!”

As a result of the acquisition, Yahoo! is offering beta access to Aviate for the first 25,000 people that use the code “YAHOO”. This is an invite-only offer that can be applied for by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter


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