Yahoo! Adds Extra Layer of Security to Android and iOS Apps

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Posted 4 years ago

Yahoo! Adds Extra Layer of Security to Android and iOS AppsYahoo! was in the news for the wrong reasons last week, when it was revealed that its recycled ID system posed serious security problems; today the company is looking to prove to its users that security is very much a primary concern, by introducing a new layer of security in the form of App Passwords.

The name of the feature pretty much tells you everything you need to know about App Passwords and is a feature that gives you that peace of mind that if your mobile device were ever lost or stolen, you could retain full control over your applications. What it also means is that you can keep your private data away from the prying eyes of friends and family.

Yahoo! says that App Passwords are temporary passwords that you can add for an extra layer of security, with a new password created for each app and device you own.

To use the feature you will need to head on over to your Yahoo! account settings and turn on the second sign-in verification; this will then generate a one-time password that you can use to enter your chosen mobile app and be permanently logged in. If you need to add another device to your account, simply repeat the step.

With that done, you will be able to view a page that lists your verified devices and be able to revoke access to each one. That will mean anybody finding your device will be unable to access your apps, even if you were logged in at the time.

After the panic Yahoo! caused with the recycled ID program, launching App Passwords is a good move and, while they do require some significant setup time, the feature certainly shows users that the company is moving in the right direction in trying to improve security.

To see more of the feature, here is a video from Yahoo! helping to explain how App Passwords works.

– Anthony Carter

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