Yahoo And Oracle Partner On Search Deal

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Posted 2 years ago


RUMOR: Yahoo To Acquire FoursquareA new partnership between Yahoo and Oracle will mean more direct marketing of the search engine company will be provided by the software tools company.

At Yahoo’s annual shareholders meeting in Santa Clara, California, CEO Marissa Mayer broke the news of the three-year agreement.

Users who download Java, Oracle Corp.’s suite of program developer tools will have Yahoo’s default home page and search available as an option.

The deal is similar to one Yahoo made for users in the United States last year with Mozilla, the parent company of the popular web browser Firefox,.

According to Mayer, the deal has been beneficial for Yahoo since then.

The new deal means that Yahoo will be reaching out to 7 billion users and their devices worldwide, and that includes the 89 percent of computers within the United States.

Mayer remarked that the deal is part of great strides made in Yahoo’s efforts to regain footing in the tech industry.

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