Yahoo Buys iOS Photo App Maker GhostBird for Flickr

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Posted 4 years ago

Yahoo Buys iOS Photo App Maker GhostBird for FlickrAfter having received a major design overhaul in May with a completely new user interface, Yahoo is investing even more in Flickr by acquiring GhostBird Software, the company that developed photo-editing apps for iOS.

The two most popular apps that GhostBird is known for are KitCam and PhotoForge2; however, following the buyout, the company has announced that both apps will no longer be available to download on iTunes, effective immediately. Existing users of the apps will still be able to use both KitCam and PhotoForge2, but neither will be updated or supported by GhostBird.

Although the financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, Yahoo did confirm the acquisition on Twitter, telling Flickr users that they should prepare to see their devices in a “whole new light.”

More information was given by GhostBird, though, who took to its website to talk about its excitement: “As photography enthusiasts, we are long-time admirers of Flickr, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring our technology and passion for beautiful photos to the Flickr team. There has been so much exciting progress at Yahoo! as they re-imagine their most-loved products for mobile, including the awesome new Flickr apps for iOS and Android.”

GhostBird is just one in a long list of purchases since CEO Marissa Meyer was put in charge of Yahoo last year, but Flickr is one of the only aspects of the company to show such major changes. Mobile photography is a booming market at present, and given Flickr’s popularity on desktop, it makes sense that the company should really get behind apps for Android and iOS.

GhostBird’s photo-editing capabilities will certainly be put to good use on the new project, although it is not yet clear if Yahoo has purchased the startup’s team or software, or both.

– Anthony Carter

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