Yahoo Email Spying Lawsuit To Move Forward

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Posted 2 years ago


social_yahoo_button_lilac (1)The tech company Yahoo now finds itself having to deal with a new lawsuit against them being given the green light to proceed.

On Tuesday afternoon, Judge Lucy Koh of the United States District Court ruled that Yahoo must face a class action lawsuit brought against them that charges that the company actively scrutinized the emails from non-Yahoo users sent to those who use Yahoo mail.

The ruling would allow the suit to move forward to give the ability of those litigants to sue for those privacy violations.

The complaint details that Yahoo searched these emails for keywords and attachments that would aid them in targeted marketing initiatives.

Another claim states that they also scanned these emails for spam. While Yahoo isn’t the first to have litigation of this nature levied against it – Google was the subject of a similar suit last year that was tossed out – it does mark the effectiveness of efforts to limit tech companies prying into communications between citizens for the sake of trying to gain the upper hand in targeted advertising.

Yahoo had no immediate comment regarding the ruling.

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