Yahoo Mail Tabs Make A Swift Comeback

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Posted 4 years ago


Yahoo Mail Tabs Make A Swift ComebackAfter redesigning Yahoo email a scant few months ago, a crucial element has been bemoaned as a major loss. In the attempt to make everything work smoothly, the Yahoo mail tab that gave users the crucial ability to multitask was omitted and has been restored.

The email tabs are even promised to be a bit smarter. And the kinks have been sorted out also that had been a problem with Yahoo Mail functioning.

CEO Marissa Mayer had to take it upon her vast expertise to make things right for Yahoo Mail after the mass delivery failure that began on November 25th, 2013.

Making matters worse by 12.12,2013 was Jeff Bonforte, the head of Yahoo Mail, letting the pressure of the weight of the situation affect him, opined in his infinite wisdom that the only way the customers would leave the service would be if Yahoo kicked Mail users in the (testicles)., as recently reported on this blog.

Bonforte’s swift kick strategem just showed that this man was lucky, as the news today demonstrates, that he has a sure and steady boss in Ms. Mayer to make sure things go right, and swiftly at that.

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