Yota, Yota, Yota – Russian Smartphone Will Be Available In The United States This Summer

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Posted 2 years ago


Russia's YotaPhone Gives Apple's iPhone Battery Life A ChallengeThe Russians are coming, The Russians are coming…and they’re bearing gadgets. Smartphones, to be exact.

The YotaPhone 2 is set to be available stateside this summer beginning May 19th. ‘Unique’ doesn’t begin to describe all of the qualities of the phone, which combines the capabilities of a smartphone with an e-ink device giving it two displays at the front and rear.

The makers of the YotaPhone 2 don’t have any contracts with wireless companies here, so the phone will be made available to the public via an Indiegogo campaign.

Pricing is estimated at US$680, slightly above average for smartphones bought out of contract here.

The makers are confident that the YotaPhone2 will be appealing to customers because of the numerous features. The dual displays give someone the ability to instantly get and receive notifications, and you can mirror the display for both screens.

The YotaPhone 2 also boasts 3-D interfaces and a 2500 mAH battery that is said to last for days according to the designers.

While the YotaPhone 2 is pricey, it could pose a particular challenge to both the longstanding phone entries on the market as well as the other relative newcomers to the mobile wireless game in terms of innovation especially in terms of offering Kindle-like displays.

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