You Can Now Play Xbox 360 Games on The Xbox One

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Posted 2 years ago


Another Price Drop For The Xbox OneWhen it comes to the Xbox One, Microsoft is finding that the old ways can still be very helpful.

At the E3 conference held in Los Angeles, California on Monday, Microsoft announced that popular older titles that worked on the Xbox 360 will be able to be played on their latest video game entertainment system.

This is all thanks to backwards compatibility being a key feature of the Xbox One, a feature beloved on the Xbox 360.

Attendees at the event were surprised by the news, but received it warmly.

The main rival for the Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4, doesn’t offer that same compatibility feature in terms of disc-based games.

It does have older games available for purchase and play on its PlayStation Now cloud-based service.

The news has already caused a stir across social media platforms and forums, with some publicly declaring their intentions to switch from the PlayStation to the Xbox One.

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