You May Love What Apple Has In Store

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Posted 4 years ago


You May Love What Apple Has In Store CEO Tim Cook seems to think you may love what Apple Inc. has in store: “big plans that we think customers are going to love”. You see?

Whipping up a virtual roundup of what has made Apple rich like topical talk of successful smart gadgets and charitable windfalls, Apple Chief Cook took to the podium to deliver on all positive points that he could muster. At one point, Cook talked about Apple’s good fight for people who find bias on the job.

The iPhone 6 is to see its star rise in October of 2014. There will be iPad Minis and iPads anew all aglow. Yet this wasn’t what the Apple CEO talked about. He spoke in generalities rather than specifics.

Apple needs this: To surprise everybody with a genuine new thing.

I have no idea of what that could be or I would tell you. I do think that Apple CEO Tim Cook was teasing us about what he may have an inkling about. Some new product? Who knows.

Rich Casale


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