YourMathGuru is coming to iOS

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Posted 5 years ago

If you’re a YourMathGuru user that owns an iOS device, there is an early Christmas gift coming your way in the form of the YourMathGuru official app!

People visit in the thousands to get help with complicated math problems and can rely on the friendly team of MathGurus to provide a solution. With the new app, users can receive that very same help immediately and from anywhere in the world.

YourMathGuru founder Alex Argimón says that the aim of the app is “to provide immediate assistance to individuals who need Math Help thru knowledgeable Members, aka MathGurus, who are ready, willing, and able to offer such help.”

This help will be provided across the eight major math categories: Calculus, Probability, Combinatorics, Complex Variables, Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Algebra, and each can be found indexed in the “Knowledge Base,” which will also include a summary of frequently used and major mathematics formulas.

Users that cannot find what they are looking for in the Knowledge Base need not worry. The new app comes with a “Call Guru” button, whereby you can request the help of MathGurus from around the world – each of whom are waiting on standby to answer your questions and help solve your problem.

The app will also be of benefit to math experts who want to pass on some of their knowledge to others. With the “Become a Guru” option on the home screen, users can send a request to the YMG team and take their first steps towards becoming a MathGuru.

The YourMathGuru app, developed by MateMedia, will be available for both the iPad and the iPhone.

As more and more of us are using iPhones and iPads in favor of desktop PCs, it is only right that you will still be able to make the most of YourMathGuru – thanks to the iOS app, none of your math problems will go unsolved!

– Anthony Carter

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